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Compensation table for pain and suffering - Your entitlement to compensation for pain and suffering

What is a compensation table?

People injured by an accident, medical error or attack are entitled to adequate compensation for the injuries and impairments suffered. In addition to the material claims for damages (loss of earnings, damage to household management, care damage, etc.), which may also have arisen, these people are entitled to appropriate compensation for pain and suffering from the injured party. But how is the amount of compensation for pain and suffering determined, which compensation for pain and suffering is appropriate? There is no member tax in German law, as for example with a private accident insurance, or a certain daily rate for the duration of an impairment. Rather, courts orient themselves in the calculation of compensation for pain and suffering on the basis of comparable cases. A broad collection of cases can be found in so-called compensation tables for pain and suffering.Content of the compensation table for pain and suffering

Basically, a pain and suffering table is therefore a summary of many different judgments on the claim for compensation for pain, in which a court has determined a compensation amount for the injured party for a specific type of injury. In the absence of a legally binding calculation, judges and lawyers themselves had to find a way to bring injuries and compensation for pain and suffering into an appropriate relationship. The result is a collection of decisions and amounts of money that at least shows the way how much compensation the injured party can usually expect. Calculation and evaluation based on the table

In real life, no accident is identical to another and this also applies to the injured person himself. It is therefore by no means the case that for every claim for compensation for pain and suffering, a look at the list of the amounts paid for pain and suffering is sufficient to determine immediately and precisely one's own claim. The factors that play a role in the exact classification come from very different areas of life:What impairments are there at all?What does this mean for the person concerned according to the concrete living conditions?How long and how much does he suffer from the injury?Are there any consequential damages?Does complicity have to be taken into account?

This can lead to a broken arm after a traffic accident leading to completely different results in compensation for pain and suffering for two different claimants. Application of the compensation table by a highly specialized lawyer

If a person concerned uses compensation tables for pain and suffering to determine his claims, he will often find out later that a specialized lawyer often sets his claim significantly higher. This is not surprising, because the lawyer is familiar with the details of the calculation of compensation for pain and suffering and uses the table only as a first starting point.

Each client enjoys the individual consideration, which achieves the optimal result for him in the negotiations with the injuring person or serves to enforce his claim in court. Our law firm specialises in this legal consideration in the area of claims for compensation for pain. As lawyers, we represent clients throughout Germany who want to enforce their claim for compensation for pain.